Image courtesy of Donum Estate.

Image courtesy of Donum Estate.


Client Testimonials

At Evergreen Arts, we pride ourselves on building lasting and sincere relationships with our clients and journalists  – here’s are a selection of testimonials from people we have worked with ...


Hiring Sarah Greenberg of Evergreen Arts is like hiring three or four people for the price of one. She has incredible energy and an expert understanding of the art world, enabling her to communicate complex contemporary art concepts to diverse audiences. Because she has also worked in museums, she understands how to work with small teams, artists, curators and sponsors – all on a tight budget and deadline.

She has excellent relationships with major international journalists and knows how to pitch stories that they trust. In addition to this senior experience, she can also organise the smallest details for launch events in different countries, including press openings, press trips and a VIP royal dinner at the Venice Biennale

— Katya Garcia-Anton | 
Director of Office for Contemporary Art (OCA) Norway and Commissioner of the 2015 Nordic Pavilion


Sarah Greenberg is rare in being able to combine the creative and commercial elements of the art world. In addition to her practical skills and high-level international journalism and museum experience, her deep knowledge of art, artists and art history mean that she has the vision and ability to communicate about art engagingly to many different audiences, in three different languages. She can speak to the many and the few, across traditional and new media, whether about the art market or the broader art world. Sarah is an invaluable person to have on one’s team.

— Francis Outred |
Chairman and Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s